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About School

The nine gems from Tasgaon, came together with the dream to bring revolution in Tasgaon and founded the "Ideal Education Society" in the year 1977. These visionary personalities started "Ideal English School", in the same year. Citizens from Tasgaon were very pleased with this innovative idea and feel proud on the creative products of Ideal.

Ideal English School Tasgaon is an oldest and pioneering English Medium School in Tasgaon and its periphery. This School is founded with the vision to give English Medium Education to the students of ruler areas. The students had made a remarkable progress in the field of education. This school is the most immaculate location and transmits quality education through holistic approach. The school away from the hustle & bustle of the city school has got picturesque atmosphere with lake view location school provides a clean and conductive atmosphere for children to learn.

Besides providing comprehensive education intellectually socially emotionally and physically IES offers guidance in critical thinking. Social awareness & purposeful research We are providing best opportunity to develop hidden talents and skills among our students. We are providing Home Assignments as well as worksheets to encourage and develop independent study skills.

Limited strength in class encourages the teachers to pay personal care and attention to the children and help in monitoring all aspects of progress and welfare of the children. Regular parents meets and open days are organized to orient parents regarding their ward’s progress. We are trying to impart quality education and generating competent pupils to face scientific, technological, managerial and social challenges in their future life.

Our students learn from the experienced, dedicated and tremendously talented faculty, who challenge, inspire, encourage and nurture the tender minds to reach at the greater level of perception. There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities on daily basis. Music, drama sports, art and various other club activities, activity Day scheduled to give children a wide range of choices that appeal different interest and skills.

Mission Statement

The Ideal English School is committed to provide, value based education for building an "Equitable Society", & to create leadership quality with creative minds, through the vision of 'Ideal'.


"Vision to Create Ideals...!"

Ideal Stands for
I = Learn to be Ideal
D = Learn with Dedication
E = Learn to be Excellent
A = Learn to be Ambitious
L = Learn to Develop Leadership

Be Ideal for Ideal